Bathurst 2015

Bathurst People in time - a Peoplescape

In 2015 Bathurst celebrates its bicentenary. It is 200 years since Governor Macquarie proclaimed the site for the town of Bathurst, the first settlement west of the Blue Mountains. Many exciting events and activities will be held throughout the year and the whole community is invited to participate and celebrate. One special project that directly engages all sectors of the community is Bathurst People in Time.

Bathurst People in Time is a project that celebrates the contributions of Bathurst people from all walks of life over the past 200 years. It is a community project that will deliver an outdoor public art installation of 200 life-size two-dimensional person-shaped figures in May 2015. People represented in the installation will be nominated and decorated, using whatever methods and materials best signify the personality and achievements of the person nominated, by individuals, groups and organisations from around the Bathurst region. Bathurst People in Time is a joint project between the Bathurst Arts Council and Bathurst Regional Council.

Nominations have now closed. If however you would like to include a worthy Bathurstian as an honorable mention in the overall listing of the exhibition itself, please download this form and when completed send to:







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